Marissa Nasution

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Growth Mindset Strength Discovery Stress Management at Work

"Life is an ever-changing Journey and we are a part of it. Big moments can bring challenges. Feeling out of balance is absolutely normal, I am here and excited to explore with you purposeful changes, a conscious mindset and your path in achieving your dream goals. May you be a stressed parent, overworked at your job, feeling the pandemic loneliness or struggling with being motivated throughout your days, let's have a talk!"

Career Psychology, G.Dip
Service :
Individual Coaching

As a Coach and Educator, I help my clients overcome obstacles and achieve their goals. By understanding how we work internally, we learn to grow and therefore develop new soft skills to advance our life and career.
What I can help you with:
    • Executive and Career Coaching
    • Soft Skill Development Coaching
    • Women at Work Coaching
    • Public Speaking and Confidence Coaching
    • Finding your Voice and Positive Mindset Coaching and more.
Feel free to reach out to me with any concerns you wish to work through.

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