Nanda Agastya Wardana

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Topik Keahlian
Employee Wellness Stress Management at Work Toxic Working Environment

"I am a Registered Counselor (Member of the Indonesian Counselling Association) who is enthusiastic about assisting individuals in leading fulfilling lives that are consistent with their beliefs and characterized by compassion for both oneself and others. I work with adolescents and adults, assisting them in discovering their passion and finding meaningful career. The methods and ideas of Cognitive Behaviour Therapy (CBT), Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT), and other therapies are combined in my practice in accordance with the unique needs of each client."


Indonesian Counseling Association
Service :
Individual Counseling Session

Counselling to discuss about career/passion discovery, General Wellbeing counselling- counselling to discuss work related issues, stress, anxiety or general wellbeing issues.

Rp 255.000

“Konsultasinya nyaman, kakaknya mendengarkan dengan baik dan memberikan saran dengan bijak, definitely bakal balik lagi kesini.”


“Saya senang bercerita dengan Kak Nanda, she definitely listening to every problem I mention and try to know me deeply. Thank you, Kak.”


“Cerita sama Kak Nanda berasa udah kenal lama. She is a very good listener❤️❤️❤”


“Seneng banget bisa ngobrol lagi sama kak nanda. Kakak pendengar yang baik, dan mau bantuin aku pelan-pelan keluar dari procrastinating phase.”


“Objectively, Nanda could understand every concerns I’ve shared and come up with solutions that I believe it will works. It felt really good when someone can make you to trust urself like Nanda did”