Ikuti program ini untuk ngobrol GRATIS dan kenal Senseinya lebih jauh sebelum memulai one on one session bareng mereka!
Chek Timelinenya dibawah ini!

IG Live Sensei of the Month ini akan mengemas tema-tema out of the box untuk kamu  kenal lebih jauh sama Sensei loh! Simak keseruannya yaa!

Setiap Sensei of the Month periode November ini akan ambil alih story IG dan DM Ikigai. Manfaakan untuk tanya permasalahanmu gratis by DM Ikigai Consulting yaa!

Setelah kamu kenal lebih jauh, ada spesial diskon dari SENSEI OF THE MONTH kali ini. Periodenya hanya sampai tanggal 30 November 2022.

Jeanita Deli Widjaja

Clinical Psychologist

“The best approach really depends on the uniqueness of the client and the case/problem of each person. In general, I’m usually use Cognitive Behavioral Therapy or Behavioral Activation Techniques combined with Mindfulness and Self-Love method. About the results after the sessions, clients feel understood, supported, relieved, and more empowered when they take responsibility for their choices. Therefore, they have more strength to move on to continue their journey.”

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Irvandias Sanjaya

Career Consultant

“For the past year, I’ve been professionally handling >50 individuals ranging from fresh graduate, job seeker, and career switcher across platforms. Graduated from a Psychology background that is supported with a distinguished track record, I have supported individuals to achieve career goals through coaching, consulting, and training methods.”

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Puti Retno Ali

Certified Coach

“Love Everything About Management, Also Sharing Insights Based On More Than 20 Years Of Experiences In Practical Business And Professional Ecosystem, Particularly In Business Management. Always Think That As A Human Being, Willingness to Communicate Should Be There. Being A Servant Leader And Experienced Managing As Well As Coordinating Various Team Is What I Do. While Most May See Conflict As Negative, But I Take Conflict Management To A Different Perspective. Passionate In Efficiency And Effectivity. System Thinking And Innovative Mindset Supported By Empirical And Case Experiences Resulted In Being An Agilist & Futurist. Open For Discussion On Agility And The Future. Indonesia Urgently Need Productive And Positive Well Being People More!”

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